Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Ladder of Life

Escape out of our selves
To erase our memories
To write our either
Sad or love
All the stories that we live
All things that we have
Good is gone
Bad has come
Never mind never mind
And one comes and goes
Like dose after dose
Hate is bought
Love is sold
We live both sides
Sometimes you go front
Sometimes you come behind
One is near one is far
One in lows one in heights
In his material or his spirit
There is a place one can hide
From the being by the curtain of the lives
In the round of the times
The sustain of the spirit reads
The dive of spirit writes
The material of each copy
And we practice evils and fines
Well is the shine
evil is the dim
we among them swim
we do see or blind
we flee to dreams
that we get or not
we are still there ride
in the feelings or nonfeelings
for the livings one fights
that the bridge that we in
from the first stage to the end
we laugh to the coming
we cry for the going
each has the book
we follow wrong or right
we know the reverse ways
more we decide our lives
in the past we escape
in the present we confine
in the future we climb
the ladder of life.


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