Thursday, January 27, 2011

Final Dream

We are together,
blissful moment
Infinite love
It's a gift, it's the present
The world is perfect
No cloudy days
No Jealousy, just trust
Utopia, seems so real
But no matter how real it might seem
I awake and you are not there
Yet you always find me in my dream.
It’s me you ignore
My emotions placed at your door,
And now I have failed
When I dream tonight
I’ll make it right
Just follow me into the light
We will go together
And leave forever.

Claudia Luna


  1. I like you blog!!!

    Come on

    Kiss Selenia

  2. Hello Claudia,

    Love your blog
    it's intense
    touch souls

    ¡go on!

    One advice: get translator for your blog in: