Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dear me

Dear Me
I am writing to you so
You would know
You are not alone
When everybody is gone
Probably I am not many
But I am indeed
The one you rely on
When you are in need
You know people enough
Not all of them are kind
But most of them are tough
Still, life is not hard as they say
It is just a game you have to play
You don’t like it!
I know, but we can do
You are not a God, and will never be
But you are the best person you can ever be
Your Self

By Menna.M

Thursday, July 7, 2011


The lords of life, the lords of life,
I saw them pass,
In their own guise,
Like and unlike,
Portly and grim,
Use and Surprise,
Surface and Dream,
Succession swift and spectral Wrong,
Temperament without a tongue,
And the inventor of the game
Omnipresent without name;
Some to see, some to be guessed,
They marched from east to west:
Little man, least of all,
Among the legs of his guardians tall,
Walked about with puzzled look.
Him by the hand dear Nature took,
Dearest Nature, strong and kind,
Whispered, 'Darling, never mind!
To-morrow they will wear another face,
The founder thou; these are thy race!'

Ralph Waldo Emerson