Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Time Is Mine And Its Matter

I have lived thousand lifetimes before
So shall I again until I get it right
I am like the wind
I am chasing for the breeze

My soul is eternal but this vessel is not 
I ride though existence on a horse named faith
God has granted me a soul to live, love, and learn
When my days are truly done I shall reunite with my maker
For the glory of all times

I shall watch eternity passing away as I spend it with my true love
I will be there when the sun spends its last fuel
I shall rise again at a new dawn of civilization
The divine has set my purpose

He is truly the master of all things and I his humble servant
May good graces follow you as I it does
The Holy Spirit dwells within us all
God is good and so are you

-Wilfred Mellers

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