Friday, February 4, 2011


 “Life is how we make it! ”

As a saying goes… It tells me to live my life to its fullest. And for me to accomplish my duties and responsibilities at a set limitation to recognize my self’s worthiness in the end.

Yesterday; it was a day full of sorrows, regrets, repentances and sympathies for all my mistakes and undertakings which I have made myself fail to overcome. I admit that I may not be as good as others expect me to be, I may lack determination to accomplish tasks eagerly and I may not possess the courage I’m badly needing to tackle all my hindrances which could block my way to success. But, it has passed, irreversible.

Tomorrow; its essentials do not induce the fullness of my heart and mind but they just attract my visual perception on the future. Sometimes, I tend to wish that I may lighten other’s moods a bit, as well as my self’s, by sharing good laughs, or contributing a couple of exceptional ideas. But, nothing I can do, for it is still an imagination, still depends on the future.

So, today, as I take time to discover myself more, I should make sure that I share the insights that I could acquire during my journey and that I carry out all the initiatives in reconditioning my mind towards a better me. It is really an urgent for me to continue my do-able ways in empowering my hopes and to give much importance on my awareness towards fulfilling my goals at an immediate time, TODAY!


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