Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Time Tells

An absence that causes pain.
What have I done,
to deserve this mess?
Two qualities, of which I contain.
Though they mean nothing,
when chance is not given.
In a years time,
I've tasted no lips.
In a years time,
I've become, forgotten.
My life;
stagnate, as the air I breathe.
nowhere to be had.
But I shall move forward.
For time,
a thing I have plenty of,
is the only teller of all.


  1. time tells me it's no time to cry. time whispers sweet words about some blurry past that could have been dreamed by someone else. time confessed me too, that he only exists in my mind and told me that if i breath twice i will forget about it and feel the life again inside my chest. time also said it was going to fly away if i stop thinking about u. but it didnt mention anything about leaving questions, pieces of ilussions and closed doors in the yard. now im waiting that time comes back with more dreams and joy as god promess me it was supose to be this time.

  2. olvidalo yo se que no aprecias lo que digo. que prefieres que desañarezca. que te parece ridiculo lo que yo digo. no se porque te escribo despues que me has hecho sentir tan mal.